Recent situation of petroleum coke market

Petroleum coke refers to the process in which light and heavy oil are separated from crude oil after distillation, and the heavy oil is transformed into new products through thermal fission. The appearance shape is not very regular, black blocks or particles of different sizes, with metallic luster and porous structure. Petroleum coke is widely used, mainly used as prebaked anode and anode paste for electrolytic aluminum, carburizing agent for carbon industry, graphite electrode, silicon for smelting industry and fuel.

Product: in April, the price of locally refined petroleum coke rose as a whole. In the first ten days of April, the local refining price was high, the cost of downstream carbon enterprises was inverted, and the wait-and-see mood was strong; In late April, the refinery shipped actively, the downstream carbon enterprises purchased before the festival, and the local coking price was partially adjusted; At the end of the month, the capital pressure of downstream enterprises was large, and the market wait-and-see mood was strong.